Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Overwintering Cannas

After the tops of Cannas have been killed by frost, allow them to dry for several days. Then cut back the tops to 3-4 inches of stem and carefully lift the rhizomes  with a fork or spade. Turn the clump over and allow to dry for a few hours. Apply a fungicide* according to label directions (sulphur powder is good...shake and bake without the bake!), and store in a cool, moderately dry area where the temperature will not go over 50°F.
Place on shelves or racks or hang in mesh bags so that air can circulate freely among the can use supermarket plasitic bags but leave them open. Do not allow the rhizomes to freeze.... if you feel that they are drying out mid-winter give them a spray to increase the humidity.Cannas do not like being too dry.
In the spring, each clump can be planted as a full clump or divided. Be sure that there is a portion of an old stem base in each division since the new growth buds are in the old stem.

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