Saturday, December 3, 2011

Protecting Rhodos from weevil leaf damage

A perennial leaf-disfiguring problem. I use two methods other than the ultimately effective, but expensive, beneficial nematode soil innoculation...these critters gobble up the hatching larvae in the spring:

- I use 'Tanglefoot' paste; but it is extremely sticky and should not be in contact with the bark directly. So, I use foam split pipe insulation, cut up into 3 inch lengths. This product is split on one side to allow you to wrap it around the base stems...available at any building supply in various dimensions.. Use a flat piece of wood to apply the paste as instructed...wear gloves! The weevils will meet a sticky end on their journey up!.
- Quick method for smaller stems: Use double-sided adhesive tape; wrapping in a tight spiral...apply paste if possible, but it will work without. Use a bread tie at the top and bottom ends to stop it unwrapping. Since doing the above, I have no leaf damage.

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